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Welcome to Patrick T Cooper an online sanctuary masterfully curated by the influential Patrick T Cooper. This digital haven isn’t merely a website; it’s an immersive experience designed to elevate your lifestyle. Join us on a transformative journey where bold brilliance, visionary leadership, unfiltered wisdom, and enriching travel experiences converge seamlessly.

Unveiling Bold Brilliance: Trunks by PTC 

Dive into a world where fashion becomes a testament to empowerment, particularly witnessed in the launch of Trunks by Patrick T Cooper Swim Collection. This exclusive swimwear line is more than a collection; it’s wearable art designed to redefine poolside elegance. Uncover the exotic flamingo print, a signature touch adding flamboyance to your style. Gain invaluable tips on confidently styling your swimwear, receiving raw and uncut fashion advice from an influencer committed to encouragement, diversity, and inclusion.

Explore Trunks Collection: A Splash of Bold Brilliance

Navigate through the Trunks collection via internal links, seamlessly progressing from one swimwear piece to another. Each click unveils the impact of Patrick T Cooper’s design prowess, showcasing why this exclusive collection goes beyond fashion—it’s a statement of bold brilliance redefining the fashion landscape.

Live In Color Agency: A Hub of Innovation

Embark on a journey through the Live In Color Agency, a beacon of innovation in design, branding, and storytelling, led by Patrick T Cooper. This visionary agency transforms market landscapes, creating narratives that champion diversity, equity, and inclusion. Transition seamlessly from the world of fashion to the agency’s transformative narratives, understanding that Live In Color Agency isn’t just an agency—it’s a powerhouse crafting stories that resonate globally.

Discover Creative Direction: Your Brand’s Transformative Journey

Navigate through the agency’s creative direction via internal links, seamlessly progressing from one transformative narrative to another. Each click unveils the impact of Patrick T Cooper’s visionary leadership, showcasing why brands trust this agency to redefine their stories and engage audiences with resonance.

Voice of Empowerment: Coming Out The Closet Podcast

Tune in to the Patrick T Cooper Podcast, where raw and unfiltered wisdom meets empowerment. This is not just a podcast—it’s a journey from wardrobe stylist to CEO, narrated by an African-American and LGBTQIA+ advocate. Subscribe now to stay empowered and entertained, immersing yourself in candid discussions on fashion, life challenges, and unapologetic wisdom.

Subscribe to Empowerment: Your Source for Unfiltered Wisdom

Embark on a podcast journey via internal links, seamlessly progressing from one empowering episode to another. Each episode resonates with Patrick T Cooper’s unapologetic voice, offering insights that transcend conventional narratives and empower listeners to embrace their uniqueness.

Jaunts Around the World: A Travel Journalist’s Perspective

As a travel journalist, Patrick T Cooper takes you on jaunts around the world. Delve into aspirational travel narratives, discover the best boutique hotels, and let his expertise guide your journey. Transition seamlessly from fashion insights to travel exploration, understanding that Patrick’s perspective isn’t just about destinations—it’s a holistic view that enriches your travel experiences.

Explore Global Jaunts: Your Passport to Inspirational Travel

Navigate through travel narratives via internal links, seamlessly progressing from one destination to another. Each click unravels a new adventure, showcasing why Patrick T Cooper’s role as a travel journalist isn’t just about places—it’s an invitation to explore the world through his eyes.

Encouragement in Every Detail: Your Journey with Patrick T Cooper

This is your digital gateway to a world where style, empowerment, and innovation converge seamlessly. Redefine your journey with Patrick T Cooper’s touch of bold brilliance, whether it’s through the transformative swim collection, the visionary narratives of Live In Color Agency, the unfiltered wisdom of the podcast, or the enriching travel explorations. It’s not just a website—it’s an immersive experience inviting you to see the world through the eyes of a tastemaker, where style, travel, destinations, and lifestyle elements converge into a tapestry of inspiration.

Bold & Brilliant Colors

The Collection

Get ready to take a walk on the WILD side in Trunks by Patrick T Cooper. These BOLD & BRILLIANT works of wearable art swimwear will garner the public eye and aid you in making a fashionable splash poolside or by the beach.

Bold & Brilliant Colors

The Collection

Get ready to take a walk on the WILD side in Trunks by Patrick T Cooper. These BOLD & BRILLIANT works of wearable art swimwear will garner the public eye and aid you in making a fashionable splash poolside or by the beach.

Raw & Uncut – An unapologetic Voice

The Podcast

From wardrobe stylist to CEO, I am Patrick T. Cooper – an African-American man and pride-filled member of the LGBTQIA community, I live a lifestyle dedicated to the advocacy of encouragement, diversity, and inclusion.


Whether you’re in Atlanta, Miami, or anywhere else in the world, we’re here for you. Our team is all about giving you the best service, no matter where you are. Think of us as your go-to guys for whatever you need. Subscribe to us, and you’ll be part of a worldwide family that’s all about getting things done right.


The Creative Direction

A global talent driven by artistic innovation to elevate market disruption in design, branding & storytelling

At Live In Color Agency, we cultivate a vibrant culture that celebrates creativity, diversity, and innovation. We believe in the transformative power of storytelling and embrace an environment that fosters collaboration, inspiration, and continuous learning. Our team thrives on curiosity, adaptability, and a shared passion for crafting compelling narratives that make a lasting impact.

Our DNA is woven with threads of creativity, expertise, and a relentless commitment to excellence. We are a dynamic collective of individuals who bring diverse skills and perspectives to the table. 

My Work As An Author

Beats & Stories

As the official Chief Encouragement Officer, I am  committed to living authentically and celebrating originality. My mantra, “Being a trailblazer isn’t enough if we don’t encourage others to find and live in their purpose!”