1 Reason You Will Stay Hydrated Visiting Iceland Photo courtesy of Promote Iceland

Iceland wants you to stay hydrated when you visit. “Kranavatn” is Icelandic for  tap water. You probably thought we were being extra fabulous. Actually we are! Do you find yourself questioning the water sources when you travel the globe. This travel destination is taking your worry away. It’s time  for a change. Next destination is Hydration.


Whose ready to sip responsibly and get intoxicated while traveling. Take the challenge and drink the pure spring water that is naturally filtered through lava for centuries. Join the countries campaign  encouraging travelers to sip the Icelandic water. Let’s save the earth while traveling the world.

Fun Facts

65% of all travelers say they used more bottled water on vacation than they do at home.
70% of all travelers say they don’t trust tap water in their destination.
80% of all plastic bottles end up in landfills or in the ocean


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