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5 Secrets of the Best Boutique Hotel In Tulum


5 secrets of the best boutique hotel In Tulum are almost immediately revealed upon arrival to Kasa Hotel Parota. Anticipation of your needs before you can garner the attention of the staff is what makes this destination spectacular. From disembark of the airport shuttle you will be greeted with an ice-chilled hand towel to freshen your brow and sanitize your hands Coupled with an exotic signature beverage at check-in makes a great first impression. It is no wondering why this establishment is a member of the esteemed Small Luxury Hotels of the World. From the hotel’s bubbly breakfast to the swim up bar your palate will delight in delicious local cuisine the entire stay without fail. Consider your fancy tickled by this jaunt to Tulum.


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Often times the word boutique is over used to camouflage poor accommodations, sparse hospitality staff and lack luster renovations. Thankfully the Kasa Hotel Parota Tulum is none of these aforementioned adjectives. This hotel exceeds on delivery of its promise to visitors. Tropically inspired interiors and elegantly appointed architectural elements allow your eyes to dance throughout the property. Superior service and an attitude to cater to your every need makes this a best stay in Tulum.

Amidst this global pandemic and its aftershocks, the world is still unfolding. Travels being halted have prompted eagerness to quench pent-up desires to globetrot. While this too shall pass, we are far from being Covid-19 free but enjoy these 5 secrets revealed to help you remain safe in an escape to Tulum, Mexico.

5 secrets of the best boutique hotel In Tulum


It’s a suite sweet when your room is paired with a rooftop pool. The Azul tiled infinity water basin will rock you into relaxation. Vacations can’t start at any higher of caliber than this. Perhaps you may opt for a suite with a rooftop pool? Broker your investment in rejuvenation, but know that this experience is worth every penny. Sweeping views and privacy will allow prime access to soak up the Mexican sunshine by day and feel the glisten of evening breezes without compromise or invasion of other travelers.



Reduce your carbon footprint and remain social distanced! Kasa Hotel Parota Tulum is conveniently located in the nucleus of Tulum. You are guaranteed direct and immediate access to street vendors, nightlife and dining options just beyond your hotel door. Switch gears and heighten your Mexican excursion and grab a bike just beyond hotel registration to explore the city. The open air will be refreshing while offering jovial exercise.


Is adventure calling your name? Well fortunately here are answers to fill your void for personal exploration while traveling. The Kasa Hotel Parota Tulum is within minutes to the Tulum Mayan ruins the Sian Ka’an Biosphere and the Gran Cenote. By far, however, the Gran Cenote is a travel and tourism hotspot. Rightfully so, this destination will be the perfect spot to capture cool selfies, a solo travelers’ chance to engage with others and a residence for family bounding. Pardon your fear of bats by laying out on the grounds or walking the wood planked trails. As promised, for the adventurer grab your go pro dive in to snorkel and marvel at the stalactite and stalagmites formed as a result of this grand sinkhole.


Calculating the perfect weather can be a daunting task. After all, mother nature is in ultimate control. Furthermore, it is urgent to understand that this region of the world is often impacted by hurricane season which contributes to torrential rain fall. To that end, employ yourself to study the weather forecast.

Fortunately, we have taken the worry out of your planning with these details. Here is your cheat sheet! While January to March are typically peak season for tourist I chose to author this article to keep you beyond the flood of people descending upon Tulum. Prepare to avoid June, September and October as these month’s tend to the rainier month for this region of the world. Now that you know which moths to avoid for rain and what is peak season you are equipped to make an informed decision. Get booked, take flight, mask-up and stay socially distanced and enjoy the splendor of the Kasa Hotel Parota Tulum.

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Patrick T Cooper
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