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5 steps to solidify your brand presence in a competitive market space. We will examine and identify the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW in ordering your steps to making your brand stand out amongst your competitors. From novice to master designers there is always room from brand polishing. In fact, in today’s climate it is even more imperative to have seamless and powerful messaging that keeps your audience engaged and informed. In today’s market you have less than 7 seconds to make an impression on potential customers, investors and 8 seconds to keep a new comer engaged.


Is your brand ready for the next level? The benefits of a timeless headshot & well-written brief bio. Simply who are you and who is your customer? Is your product  reflection of their lifestyle?


What makes your brand tic and who is the team responsible for bringing it to the market. What is the unique story of your brand ( The T in my logo is a result of several floods in my condo and a constant reminder for me to stay fluid, adaptable, agile and moving.


Small business is big business how do you survive against the comparison of BIG BOX organizations. ( Commissions, Consignment or Lengthy payouts). Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready! There is No time like the present! Should you attend a trade show ( Cost Analysis and partnering with fellow designers… get over yourself and make a lasting impression).


No time for flash drives are you ready for a magazine editor to content you regarding a product image. Are your product images clean, concise and what’s the difference between product and lifestyle imagery? From print portfolio to being DIGITALLY DYNAMIC! You should always have a portfolio of your product on your person.


Having cared for individuals with physical ailments, pictures serve as sources of inspiration. We continue to focus the lenses in an effort to encourage people to not live with a bucket list. Getting lost in regions of the world is what we strive to do and to share. The world is smaller than you think. Food, art, design, music and celebration is always near. Why not enjoy life starting NOW? The purpose of travel is to learn and be stretched. The stretch allows experiences to become a part of your DNA. The opportunity to see the world is a privilege. In an effort to exhaust the privilege we click to capture a moment while building a lifetime of memories.

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