Berlin is bustling with graffiti art and murals Photo Courtesy Patrick T Cooper
Berlin is bustling with graffiti art and murals Photo Courtesy Patrick T Cooper

Berlin is bustling with graffiti art and murals. I found myself in awe of the raw talent that covers the city landscape. I captured this picture on the train from Berlin to Hamburg . What do you think of this angle of photography? Practice makes perfect. It’s travel photography! Follow our travel pursuits  and practice of photography. Travel is education and  supersedes the knowledge of any book. With adoration, allow the eye to wander and capture the culture of destinations is our mantra.  What does this architectural art speak to you? 

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We are novice, we are not perfect we are not the people toting huge camera bags and professional lenses. Strapped with camera phones we capture sometimes imperfectly perfect imagery.


No specific initiative. Although we love art, design, architecture, food, music, luxury automobiles and all things sexy we are passionate about snapping the sensational.


There is no time like the present. There is so much beauty in the world. Get beyond the narcissism of the selfie and pay attention your surroundings. Your current location is a work of art. Be present and capture the moment.


The world is a work of art. GOD made no mistakes. All things are beautiful!


Having cared for individuals with physical ailments, pictures serve as sources of inspiration. We continue to focus the lenses in an effort to encourage people to not live with a bucket list.

Coltorti Boutique EU

Getting lost in regions of the world is what we strive to do and to share. The world is smaller than you think. Food, art, design, music and celebration is always near. Why not enjoy life starting NOW?

The purpose of travel is to learn and be stretched. The stretch allows experiences to become a part of your DNA. The opportunity to see the world is a privilege. In an effort to exhaust the privilege we click to capture a moment while building a lifetime of memories.

It is said, “A picture is not just a picture. A picture is a story without words.”