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Color Wars: Your Secret To Selecting The Correct Hues

Color Wars

Client Highlight | Color Wars: Your Secret To Selecting The Correct Hues. Colors really matter with building a brand. Choosing the right colors is detrimental to brand awareness and notoriety in the global marketplace. Choose colors that you like and colors that allow you to grow with your audience and customer base.   

This is my Part 2 of how to build a periodontist brand. We are delighted aid the offices of Dr. Matthew J. Fien and Fienodontics Surgical Center. As  a creative and marketing director I am often faced with the task of rebuilding a professionals personal and professional brands. Dr. Matthew J. Fien and his team at Fienodontics Surgical Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida have been a delight to work with.  From redesign of multiple logos, website restructuring and deployment on multiple  social platforms our team at Live In Color Agency have been busy fostering a new brand presence.

Standing out in the medical industry is a a key factor in revenue building. We wanted to ensure that potential clients knew the names and faces of the dental practice. Additionally, we wanted potential patients to easily navigate the online presence we design while understanding the level of care and comfort that the Fienodontics team provide.

For more on Dr. Matthew J. Fien and Feinodontics Surgical Center please read below. Additionally for more on how we can help you with creative fuel your brand stop by Live In Color Agency

About Dr. Matthew J. Fien

Dr. Matthew J. Fien graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in 2006. He then received his specialty training in Periodontics from Nova Southeastern University and his diplomate status from the American Board of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry in 2009. 

He is an active member of the American Academy of Periodontology and the Academy of Osseointegration and maintains a private practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a special focus on hard and soft tissue regenerative and implant dentistry. 

Dr. Fien has been published in various well respected dental journals such as the Journal of Periodontology, The International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, The Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and the Compendium for Continuing Education in Dentistry and he is currently involved in a variety of ongoing clinical research projects.

In 2017 Dr. Fien co-developed a series of hands-on guided bone regeneration and soft tissue management courses, which he teaches throughout the year. Dr. Fien also enjoys lecturing at Nova Southeastern University and other post graduate dental programs throughout the US and abroad and he serves as a key opinion leader and consultant for several industry leaders in the space. 

About Live In Color Agency

Live In Color – A creative services agency! 

Let us ignite your vision and fuel your brand. Led by designer & visionary Patrick T. Cooper we continually work to elevate brand design, identity,  and messaging. From conception to fruition and collaboration we design stand out stories backed with strategy. Channeling clients through our current event style strategy readies them to be articulately disruptive.

We help clients maximize their presence in the global marketplace with cohesive story campaigns. Specializing in marketing and promotion of lifestyle, hospitality & entertainment industries is our sweet spot. However, we don’t operate in limitation so share your pain points and let us deliver a creative cocktail to shape your image!

Peppering the world with color is our passion!

For more information www.liveincoloragency.com

Patrick T Cooper
Patrick T Cooper
From wardrobe stylist to CEO, Patrick T. Cooper’s career encompasses over 20 years in design. His prowess for defining creative strategies to fuel brands is what continually ignites Patrick. Innate artistic aptitude makes him a highly sought-after partner for Fortune 500 companies looking to garner consumer brand loyalty. Patrick’s diverse body of work includes corporate partners like Masonite as well as entertainment clients Fantasia Barrino, American Idol season 3 winner, rock band 3 Doors Down, and legendary mogul Sean Combs. Patrick T. Cooper’s cutting-edge sense of style and genius allows him to envision beyond the predictable to create thought-provoking content that positively impacts diverse audiences globally. As an African-American man and LGBTQ advocate, Patrick is the epitome of the convergence of eclectic style, art, culture and people. As the official Chief Encouragement Officer, he’s committed to living authentically and celebrating originality. Patrick’s mantra, “Being a trailblazer isn’t enough if we don’t encourage others to find and live in their purpose!

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