How Haitian American Rapper Beni Moun Mixes Rhythm & Sounds!


Music. A word that generally describes a fluid mixture of rhythm, sounds and melodies that when mixed creates an outstanding memory that will last a lifetime. It may not be the definition of this simple word in Webster’s Dictionary, but Beni Moun is here to change just that. This soon to be legend, is a musical carpenter who began his career at the young age of 14-years old. With the curiosity of what it took to build things from the ground up this Haitian-American genius rerouted his love for structure engineering and ended up falling in love with musical engineering instead.           


“When you first start off, there are many things that can inspire you, mine was my environment,” –Beni Moun

Born in Palm Beach, Florida, Beni was not really exposed to a diverse community. His goal then became creating an atmosphere of music that would one day be a planet of diverse excellence floating alongside some music’s most legendary innovators, such as Hans Zimmer, George Benson, Kassav, and Kanye West to name a few. So, he started to produce music from a structure engineering perspective. With one goal in mind at the time, Beni’s creative niche was not necessarily to create tracks for artists to write on, but rather to compose and build scores that would evoke emotions that would last a lifetime. Once he moved to Orlando, Florida at the age of 20-years old, he picked up the guitar and meshed it with the piano, which then led to yet an even bigger and better sound. This newfound sound was conceived by the inspiration of yet again, his environment.

Beni then went from singing background vocals for a local band in Orlando, to being the lead singer of his own one-man band. From Orlando he moved to the New York City, “concrete jungles where dreams are made of…” where his smooth vibrato turned into what would become a much raspier one. Upon arriving to NY, Beni was booked at an industry showcase that was sure to present him with the opportunity for fame and success. But he knew that if things are not messing up, just when you need them to work the most, then you are living your life wrong. Prior to his showcase Beni lost his voice. Talk about cringing! The comeback kid realized that something else could be done to showcase his talents. But what, you ask? A Demo, “Demo 9” to be exact. Compiling multiple genres of music on one demo mixtape is what set the bar for the talented producer turned artist.

Post “Demo 9’s” release, was a collaboration with a fellow artist that he crossed paths with what that led to his music getting into the hands of VP of A&R at Shady Def Jam, Mike Herard. After Mike and Beni started working together his career took off and has never been the same. Beni Moun, meaning “Blessed People” in creole, has been doing just that, blessing the souls of anyone who hears his music. Beni Moun is changing the meaning of “Music” one note at a time. He lives by knowing that the way you enter this music industry is going to be the way that you are perceived.

“I don’t draw inspiration from music, I draw inspiration from art, design, and everyday people.” –Beni Moun