How I Chose The Perfect Dining Room Table by Maurizio Morazzoni

Here’s how I chose the perfect dining room table. I did not say the table would be in my home. Of course, I get to dictate what designers exude incredible style and acute attention to detail. Maurizio Morazzoni made the editorial selection seamless. The renowned architect’s stellar history in design made choosing dining room real estate effortless. Now, you may be debating and challenged on the right choice for your home.  My answer: It’s simple find the perfect shape and a designer that speaks to your heart!

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While this can be a  daunting task for many. I believe that a dinner should be full of laughter, love and lavish style.

Rombo Table by Mariani Collection

Shaping matter: this is where inspiration of Mariani Collection comes from, a personal collection of products designed by the architect Maurizio Morazzoni that stands out for the use and the careful research of precious materials.
Sculptural and massive, Rombo Table takes its name from the shape of its legs, designed to support the weight of the upper floor that is dematerialized in its dimensions thanks to the side bands inclined to perceive only a slight thickness. The table stands out for its preciousness and research in materials, realized in black or bronzed metal with a crystal opaque surface.

An elegant and exclusive piece of furniture, with a modern design, ideal to create a very suggestive atmosphere. The table has standard measure 180x120x75, customizable on request.

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