How to Pick Out a Picture Perfect Front Door

A Collaboration | Picture Perfect Front Doors

Collaboration to make magic are where we soar. The subject matter for the panel was How to Pick Out a Picture Perfect Front Door, while attending the Kitchen and Bath  Show Las Vegas (KBIS)

Be it internal or external collaborative efforts, I am always willing to lend my creative aptitude to problem solve. This work with Masonite Doors left consumers and B2B partners informed and educated about trends, colors and safety measures associated with the purchase of front  doors!

As an avid lover of color, I pushed onlookers to test their boundaries in exploration of colors that speak to their authentic spirit.  I asked them to be open to extraordinary and not the ordinary.

Front Doors Make A Statement

A front door can make statements that speak volumes to you, neighbors and the entire community!

How to Pick Out a Picture Perfect Front Door



From wardrobe stylist to CEO, Patrick T. Cooper’s career encompasses over 20 years in creative direction, marketing & design. A natural prowess for cultivating creative strategies that fuel brand revenue streams is what continually ignites Patrick. Evergreen, innate, and artistic aptitudes make Patrick T Cooper a highly sought-after partner for Fortune 500 companies looking to garner consumer engagement and loyalty. From corporate to celebrity clients, Patrick’s oeuvre includes Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Masonite Doors, Fantasia Barrino, American Idol season 3 winner, rock band 3 Doors Down, and legendary mogul Sean Combs.  

A standout talent, Patrick maintains an investment in pop culture and cutting-edge style to aid clients in the art of storytelling. He envisions beyond the predictable to create thought-provoking content that positively impacts diverse audiences globally.

As an African-American man and pride-filled member of the  LGBTQIA community, Patrick is the epitome and convergence of a lifestyle dedicated to the advocacy of encouragement, diversity, and inclusion. Undeniably the Chief Encouragement Officer, Patrick commits to living authentically and celebrating originality which he hopes allows others to own their truth. 

“Being a trailblazer isn’t enough if we don’t encourage others to find and live in their purpose!” 
                                         —Patrick T Cooper