Author Erika Utley Delivers Deal With Your SH!T

Is Covid-19 forcing you to Deal with Your SH!T? Fortunately for you we have some answers and solutions for helping you to cope with depression, anxiety and the woes of the world.

Dealing with our SHIT (Shame, Hurt, Insecurities, and Trials) can be a challenge. It involves being honest with oneself and truly diving head first into those innermost places, within our heart and soul. Licensed Therapist and Author of Deal with Your SH!T, Erika Utley takes a unique spin into helping others deal with their past pain in order to resolve their current emotional states. In this book, there are 25 ways to overcome your SHIT, all of which have been broken down into simplistic ideas. The goal is for the reader to truly begin to apply the ways to lead their best life.




In Deal with Your SH!T, one will find themselves experiencing a wealth of emotions, from laughing hysterically, to having their eyes fill with tears due to the raw nature in which the author presents the material. The reader will also have the opportunity to journal their journey, as writing space is available after each topic is presented.

Erika provides realistic strategies to overcome Shame, Hurt, Insecurities, and Trials including:

Figuring out your own personal agreements

Making peace with your past

Un-taming your wild side

Flushing away your excuses

And so much more!


Erika Utley (affectionately known as “The Smileologist”) is a practicing, Licensed Therapist with a radical approach to assisting others in gaining inner healing. She is the CEO and founder of Smileology Counseling Services, where her mission is to help others “Learn the Art of Smiling from Within.” Erika has dedicated her life to sharing her knowledge on mental health in such a way that is realistic and attainable for individuals in today’s society.