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The Ultimate Double Entendre!  This broadcast is an attempt to help mankind reach their fullest potential through genuine in-depth communications reinforced with humor. We want to be a central source of encouragement. Let’s face it, everyone doesn’t know love. Patrick attributes his successes to be a direct result of knowing unconditional love. The focus of the show is to examine our core curriculum specifically  Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Financial Health and well-being. Furthermore, we will examine topics required in surviving today’s world. We will focus on everything except Sex and Politics (Well maybe a little sex! G-Rated of course)

We encourage guests to be real and transparent which will strengthen our dialogue and contribute to easily connecting to people in need. Ultimately, we want viewers to walk away with a sense that they too can make a difference in the world by being the best version of themselves. Making a difference requires taking that first step, so let’s talk about it and get busy!  Birthed out of an attempt to stay encouraged during his time as a caregiver to a Parkinson’s patient Patrick’s dad, Patrick realized that people were craving ENCOURAGEMENT. These brief segments are to rip the scab off taboo topics. From bad credit to bullying to traveling foreign destinations.

We have the truth serum. Uncensored dialogue with trailblazers, game-changers, disruptors, and tastemakers will be a fantastic journey and unforgettable experience. Finally, it is our promise that viewers will walk away tabling their g,  living life authentically, and celebrating originality.

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