• Patrick T Cooper

Taraji! Taraji! Taraji!

While this post may be a few days past the launch of the book. I have a special reason for writing this post and promoting the book. Often times as an artist we work so hard that we forget our body of work. Considering I designed this amazingly stunning number that Taraji chose to use as her book cover it is only fitting that I share with the world. What a surprise! I was screaming "wow" — now that’s a flashback. My time working with veteran bridal and evening gown designer Anne Barge is and will always be a moment of great inspiration and success. Let the work speak for itself. Great choice Taraji now let me get back to work.

TARAJI P. HENSON, stars on Empire on FOX - Wednesdays at 9/8c - fox.com‎


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THAT WHITE DRESS... Designed by PATRICK T COOPER for Anne Barge