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Fashion Spotlight: Tameka Raymond's Cult De Jour

The name “Usher Raymond” ring bells in the music industry, but when it comes to fashion, the bells toll for Tameka Foster Raymond, who never fails to make her presence felt in the industry. As a fashion stylist, Tameka has been making her own way for years. Let’s not forget that she is responsible for her then-client, now-ex-husband’s sophisticated yet masculine look, and the jaw-dropping Richard-Tyler-moment Toni Braxton had at the 2001 Grammys.

Today, the stylish mother of five is focused on her new baby, and its name is CULT de JOUR. This modern vintage brand delivers custom-designed military jackets to its followers and fans. We caught up with Tameka to get the school on CULT de JOUR, what inspires this fearless entrepreneur, and how she juggles work and family.

UPTOWN:Do you channel any iconic figures when developing your line and the appeal of your collection?

TAMEKA FOSTER RAYMOND: I have always had a love for military style clothing. My father would incorporate basic BDU [battle dress uniform] shirts, long johns, and hats into his casual style.

U: What inspires you?

TFR: As an adult, I started altering and embellishing military shirts and jackets for clients. Lauryn Hill, Usher, and The Fugees are a few examples of clients that wore some of these [military] styles.

U: You are no stranger to tragedy and the world sees your strength, but honestly what

’s your secret to pressing forward each day?

TFR: My losses have hurt me deeply, but I draw inspiration from the creativity that my son Kile [Glover] had. He was a master creator, always conjuring up a new idea, a business plan, and making something creative like T-shirts, mini books, videos, and songs. My children, as a whole, inspire me to press on and the be the best version of me that I can daily.

U: As a mother and businesswoman how do you balance work, your personal life, and your charitable efforts?

TFR: Balancing my work and charitable efforts is sometimes difficult, there’s not enough hours in a day. But miraculously I find ways to intertwine them. My children are my first responsibility, but they understand that they have a working mother and I make it happen.

U: Celebrity capital has become such an important resource in the fashion industry. What celebrity personality would you choose to be your brand ambassador and why?

TFR: I really love Kelly Rowland and her effortless style. She would be an awesome face for my line … It may be sometime before I can afford her, however.

U: As an African-American designer and entrepreneur what one word of advice would you give to someone following in your footsteps?

TFR: One word of advice would be: Patience and to always stay with it. OK that’s eight words, but when embarking on a new career venture, no one word embodies the sentiment.

Follow Tameka Foster Raymond on Instagram. SHOP CULT de JOUR here.

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