• Patrick T Cooper

Tel Aviv And The Tale Of 2 Tel Avivian Designers

Travel is my fuel. My most recent visit to Tel Aviv was rewarding on so many different levels. The culture, community and the spiritual awakening during my journey left me renewed and recharged. From Jerusalem to the Dead Sea Tel Aviv is riddle with countless opportunities for exploration. The Non-Stop City is jam packed with beautiful people, great dining and unique gems. Kobi Levi One of the many highlight of the journey was an impromptu meeting in the atelier of Kobi Levi. Explosive growth is an understatement when talking about Levi’s design. Overnight exposure brought Lady Gaga to use the design Double Boot in her "Born this Way" music video. A leather shoe is essential to an ensemble. Tel Avivian shoe designer Kobi Levi perfects the marriage of art and footwear. Onlookers will marvel at your global appeal in his unique works of art. Rish by Yonav Rish Located in the heart of Tel Aviv is Rish. Chic and bohemian are true characteristics of this designer’s aesthetic. Yonav’s shy personality takes back seat to his talent as a designer. From the ivy covered chandelier to the attention to lace and applications a bride will be lucky to adorn one of this young designer’s frocks. Stop in and take a peak after you lay by the Mediterranean. The easy and laid back vibe in the quaint studio will have you in harmony and relaxed if you are dealing with the woes of your big wedding day. Rest assured Rish is rich with integrity and expertise to make you a shining bride.

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