• Patrick T Cooper

Do You Want To Be Rich Like Steve Harvey?  Well it's time to get Bilt!

Rest in peace James Brown. But I think Steve Harvey is stepping to the throne as the hardest working man in show business. Do you want to be rich like Steve Harvey? Well here is your chance to start your day or night like a mogul. Work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor is what I was taught and everyone knows that my father adored Steve Harvey. Steve's personality and sheer excitement saw us through some hard days in the fight against Parkinson's Disease. Not matter the challenge I can still hear dad telling everyone, "Shut up Steve is on." So I guess we were all forced to become fans. One hour of everyday will brighten your spirit and certainly deliver gut wrenching laughter. It is only natural that I am fan of Steve Harvey. So lets get down to business. Bilt is the most recent business venture that can have lathering in success just like Steven Harvey. Bilt is a beautiful assortment of globally inspired grooming products for the renaissance man. I am taking the brand of body washes and soaps on a test run. Please don't hold back your

compliments when you catch my waft. The packaging alone has me super excited about getting Bilt!

South Beach Peppermint & Lime

I am feeling fresh, flirty and ready to take on the world its Miami personified

Prohibition Leather & Oak Barrel

Very rich and full of heavy oak notes to feel your shower and leave your skin sexy and sublte men need soft skin too!

Stay tuned as I review and unfold more about this amazing new brand of grooming products for the men in your life!

Click here for video footage of Steve Harvey discussing Bilt

Steve Harvey 's newest brand Bilt has something for everyone!

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