• Patrick T Cooper

Candy Coated Nails By YSL

Give your nails a couture coat of lacquer with Yves Saint Laurent. Be painted for any occasion. Be Elegant. Be THE fashioneer!

The Details

Yves Saint Laurent introduces the La Laque Couture collection. The vibrant assortment of ultra-shiny hues makes every woman feel couture to the fingertips. Color(s): 1 rouge pop art, 12 rose renaissance, 14 violine surrealiste, 141 day bloomer, 145 night bird, 149 weekender, 15 violet baroque, 17 bleu cobalt, 18 bleu majorelle, 201 le rouge, 21 taupe retro, 213 le orange, 219 le fuchsia, 22 beige leger, 23 gris deco, 24 rose abstrait, 25 rose

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