• Patrick T Cooper

Wine Down Wednesday = Weingut Geyerhof Riesling

It's Wine Down Wednesday! So you know what that means. Time to sip!

The Details

A cheerful, lively Riesling from a quality Kremstal region of Austria. Displays fresh peach, sensitive acidity, crystal clear fruit, expressive minerality, fleet-footed, and it is stimulating. Serving recommendation: The ideal drinking temperature is at 8-10°C. Pairs very well with cold summer snacks, salads, poultry and vegetables Alcohol: 12,0 %vol. Vegan and low-histamine (a better wine for allergy sufferers, but not sulphite-free) Vineyard is located in Oberfucha"; at the upper area of the slope the soil is characterised by crystallin granulite. In contrast you find an overlay of sandy elements at the bottom of the slope. Granulite is a converted rock its physical appearance can be described as light, fine- grained and violet striped (elements of mica). Vinification: manual harvest at mid October, whole cluster pressing, very strong natural prefiltration in steel tanks; extended period of maturation on the lees, bottling mid March.

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