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5 Top Tips for Dating In the New Year To Find Love

It Is Your Year For Love

Its a new year and so many of us are vowing to be a new person. Well add falling in LOVE to the top of the list for 2018. Yes we are giving you the keys to lovers lane in our DJ Khaled voice. To help you fall head over heels - Start Dating. To that end, we enlisted the help of Hollywood's heavy hitter and curator of fairytale weddings Diann Valentine. Countless celebrities to include R&B crooner Usher Raymond, Real Housewives of Orange County Tamara Judge, and Major League Baseball Player Michael Bourn rely on the magical wand of Mrs. Diann Valentine to make their nuptials an unforgettable and memorable moment. So, it is safe to say that tips from this industry veteran will get you 1 step closer to the perfect match. Matrimony and the wedding of your dreams awaits you in 2018.

5 Top Tips for Dating In the New Year according to Diann Valentine!

  1. Burn the checklist: You will never meet a man that meets all of your criteria. Have standards but be open and receptive and before you make that checklist be sure to ask yourself if you yourself live up to all of the expectations you are placing on your potential suitor.

  2. High standards lead to big wins: Don't rush into bed. Sex without commitment rarely leads to a long term, meaningful relationship. You might be in love at first site but if you sleep with him in Day 1 and by Day 30 you realize he is a real jerk don’t be mad at me because you gave up the goodies so soon.

  3. Social media + Dating = Stress:Resist the temptation to post every little detail about your relationship on your social media accounts. Always use discretion. Avoid the subliminal shade to an ex because if he claps back then you will be the one looking hurt, distraught and completely bothered by him.

  4. You Cannot Rehab a Hoe into a Husband: Either accept who he is or move on. No matter how fabulous you are, you can’t rehab a man and stop thinking that he would be a great project for you to take on.

  5. Don’t lose yourself in the relationship: Always maintain your independence and remember who the woman was that your man fell in love with.

Diann leads us to love in Going the Distance for Love

Watch Diann Valentine weekly on her new Bravo television show To Rome For Love.

Diann is the definition of Black Girl Magic!

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