• Patrick T Cooper

Back To Schools Essentials Made Simple

Our friends at Chic Execs PR team just shot us some back to school essentials that we think are pretty cool. What say you?

Here's the pitch

As much as we don’t want to believe it, Summer break is quickly drawing to a close! Make a smooth transition into the new school year with these back to school essentials!

One of a Kind Peanut Butter with B.Nutty


Fill your kiddos lunch box with a protein filled snack! Handmade from U.S. grown peanuts, B.Nutty is honey roasted into a delicious peanut butter base. Best yet, B.Nutty comes in a variety of flavors so your little one will never get bored!


Back to School Wardrobe with Mermaid Life

Mermaid Life

Going back to school doesn't have to be such a drag, get back into the swing of things in style with Mermaid Life! Mermaid Life offers an assortment of back to school accessories and apparel to ensure that your transition back isn't a snooze.


Sweet Treat with The Marshinator

The Marshinator

Brighten your kiddos first day back with The Marshinator! Now your favorite childhood snack comes in a variety of over 10 flavors! Ranging from classic, pretzel, chocolate and many more, these marshmallow rice cereal snacks are a sweet treat that any kid would love to find in their lunchbox.


Storing Made Easy with Mimish


With kids going back to school, they’ll want to spend less time cleaning and more time playing during their free time! With Mimish, they can easily and quickly put away their items inside the storage pouf! Mimish not only provides the perfect storage solution but it also makes for a comfortable seating area.


Pack School Lunches with Smelly Proof

Smelly Proof

Prepare back to school lunches and snacks in Smelly Proof plastic bags! Smelly Proof keeps odors out, so backpacks won’t smell like yesterday's lunch! Each bag is puncture resistant and durable, so you don’t have to worry about food spilling inside backpacks! They’re washable too so simply rinse and reuse.


Colorful Backpacks with Animal Packers

Animal Packers

The search for the perfect backpack is over with Animal Packers! Lightweight and washable, Animal Packers provides kids with easy to carry and creative backpacks!

Specifically designed for kids, these backpacks won’t drag and hit the backs of their knees while they run and play.


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