• Patrick T Cooper

American-Indian Rapper Raja Kumari = A Global Phenomenon

She got you shook and in case you’re unfamiliar, Raja Kumari is an American-Indian rapper who has previously been recognized with Grammy nominations for her behind the scenes songwriting work. Raja is now at the forefront of a new path in her career and is well on her way to becoming a global phenomenon on her own.


Raja is a crucial leader in helping to bridge the gap between the East and the West through her powerful and innovative music. Raja embodies the new diaspora movement that is growing in the entertainment and music industry. Growing up in America Raja has kept her Indian roots close to her heart and both cultures heavily influencing her music- which you can see in her eclectic new EP. She fuses the two styles seamlessly, therefore, creating something unique and intrinsically her own. Raja is a pivotal component in the fight for more South Asian representation in the industry; however, she still maintains a universal quality in her lyrics allowing for a relatability never seen before.

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