• Patrick T Cooper

Dinner Made Simple With Three Bridges Ravioli

Did you know that March 20th is National Ravioli Day. Well, if you didn't now you are well informed. With my busy schedule cooking is the last thing on my list. However, I have mastered making great pasts dishes with Three Bridges Cooking make simple, honest and better.

FUN FACTS 50% of Americans spend 30 minutes or less per day on meal prep. Meaning easy, quick, and wholesome meal options that can fill a family up are a prized resource. According to a survey of 2000 Americans conducted by Three Bridges [https://threebridges.com/]— a chef-crafted pasta company that offers many different types of healthy, filling ravioli styles — 87% of Americans like ravioli and 8% say it is their favorite food. Ravioli is tested and true for a good meal and is centuries-old pasta style warms bellies at dinner tables across America. read the fun fact and lets get to pairing with a great wine for a magnificent meal.

1) RAVIOLI ARE INCREDIBLY VERSATILE Ravioli are essentially little pockets of pasta filled with creamy goodness. What you put into it is entirely up to you. Even the pickiest eaters can enjoy a simple cheese ravioli (30%), but the more adventurous turn to spinach (10%), lobster (10%), or even kale (2%). 2) THEY CAN BE THE FANCIEST OF PASTA (IF YOU WANT IT TO BE) Ravioli may seem simple, but it can also be high-class. For instance, 12% of Americans consider ravioli to be one of the fanciest types of pasta and 6% admit to having served ravioli to impress someone. Another 12% say eating ravioli makes THEM feel fancy. 3) THERE'S NO WRONG WAY TO EAT A RAVIOLI Whether eating the whole ravioli in one bite (22% of Americans), multiple ravioli at one time (10%), or savoring each one at a time (28%) there are as many ways to eat a ravioli as there are types of filling. 8% even eat a whole box in one sitting which is impressive.

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