• Patrick T Cooper

Budweiser Celebrates Jackie Robinson With Spike Lee

I think I will have a Budweiser this upcoming baseball season because the new Budweiser campaign is celebrating the centennial of Jackie Robinson’s birth with the short film “Impact”, directed by the visionary Spike Lee. Bottoms up!

Born in 1919, this upcoming MLB season will mark the 100th birthday of a man who quite literally, changed the game. To celebrate Jackie as an activist and American hero, Budweiser has partnered with Spike Lee and the Jackie Robinson Foundation on a season-long campaign that will spotlight the heroic achievements of Jackie, both on and off the field.

The cornerstone of this campaign is “Impact”; a 3-minute short film directed by Lee and narrated by Jackie’s daughter, Sharon Robinson. The film, which will also appear in every baseball stadium this Thursday on MLB Opening Day, spotlights the moment Jackie broke baseball’s color barrier after many years of segregation in the sport.

Underpinning Budweiser’s campaign is a direct partnership with the Jackie Robinson Foundation, with the brand making a landmark financial commitment to ensure the Jackie Robinson Museum finally opens in 2019. Additionally, 42 cents from every Limited Edition Jackie Robinson Bud sold during the MLB season will be donated to the Jackie Robinson Foundation. Budweiser is calling on Americans to also donate to the foundation to ensure Jackie’s legacy and impact continues for generations to come.

Way to go Budweiser

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