Ask Selma Blair or Naomi Watts Whats Your Spirit Animal?

Ever and always a fan of jewelry with purpose, meaning, and depth we have a new favorite designer at The Fashioneer. Star Animal Sundays, fine jewelry celebrates self-discovery and inspires high vibes with symbolic spirit animals that embody personal characteristics.

This environmentally conscious brand launched two weeks ago and the reaction has been incredible! Selma Blair and Naomi Watts have already been seen wearing their spirit animal charm necklaces!

Below are a few key facts about SAS that you may find helpful for any upcoming stories you are working on.

-10% of net proceed will be donated to The Nature Conservancy, a global organization dedicated to conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends.

-Ethically-sourced diamonds

-Crafted of 14K repurposed Gold

-All charms have been blessed by a shaman

-Sold direct to consumer with no additional mark-up

-Made in NY and LA

-Prices start at $150

-The colorful gemstones set on the back of each animal charm signify the unique strengths, characteristics, and traits of the specific animals, so you can call them in.