Jaime Foxx Wants You To Live Victoriously

Lets live victoriusly! Grey Goose took over New York City happy hour with Jamie Foxx, Shrill’s Aidy Bryant, and SNL’s Colin Jostto treat unsuspecting bar-goers to surprise comedy performances and complimentary cocktails. The bar takeovers officially launched the super premium vodka brand’s new global platform Live Victoriously, which focuses on treating yourself like you are the special occasion and celebrating life’s small, everyday moments – including an after-work Tuesday happy hour – just as you would life’s big milestones.

The A-List comedians surprised the after-work crowd at The Times Square EDITION hotel bar, at Brooklyn hotspot Extra Fancy, and at Financial District favorite Underdog. After posing as bartenders for the night and serving up a few rounds of Grey Goose cocktails, Foxx, Bryant, and Jost turned the bars into stages and performed spontaneous stand-up comedy routines.

Some items from the evening include:

Some items from the evening include:

· Jamie Foxx announced his forthcoming comedy tour to the adoring crowd, revealing for the first time that his return to the stage will be titled, “Kill the Comedian.”

· Before heading behind the bar, Colin Jost was informed for seemingly the first time that SNL cast mate Aidy Bryant would also be surprising guests at the Brooklyn launch of Live Victoriously. The competitive SNL castmates immediately engaged in a friendly battle of selfies via text, each sending pictures of themselves at the bar takeovers to prove once and for all who could better Live Victoriously.

· When Foxx’s 2010 hit song, “Blame It” started playing at the bar, the entertainer jokingly rolled his eyes before telling the DJ to “turn it up!”

· Foxx invited members of the crowd to join him behind the bar so they could try their hand at freestyle rapping, continuously referring to the spontaneous musical segment as, “Grey Goose Idol.”

· Jost joked about a possible career shift – when asked how Game of Thrones will end, the comedian theorized that Arya Stark would be mistakenly killed by sister Sansa Stark, and told the audience to make the hashtag #LetJostWriteforThrones go viral.

· Jost also confirmed he continues to be off the market when repeatedly asked by female audience members if he was single.

Guests indulged in celebratory Grey Goose cocktails throughout the night, including the brand’s new vodka sodas served in custom Grey Goose vessels in peach, watermelon, and papaya flavors, as well as the classic Grey Goose Martini.