Travel Through The Lens of Culture with Tai Beauchamp & Elton Anderson

International lifestyle TV Personality and Producer, Tai Beauchamp and celebrity photographer Elton Anderson are teaming up to give viewers a sexy, cultural travel guide packed with adventure on CLEO TV's new series, LENS OF CULTURE. Premiering Saturday, September 21, at 12p.m. ET/11C, audiences will follow the hosts around the world as they tackle new destinations and make new discoveries.

On the season premiere of LENS OF CULTURE, Beauchamp and Anderson head to the "Big Easy," where they experience what New Orleans's culture is truly about. The two take a trip to the French Quarter to explore it's deep history, taste it's traditional NOLA cuisine, and learn a few second-line dance routines along the way. Filled with fun, food and fashion, this jam-packed adventure is one viewers will never forget.

Fasten your seatbelts on this premiere season of LENS OF CULTURE, as Beauchamp and Anderson discover world class destinations, engage with renowned local travel experts, explore regional cultural entertainment, and unearth local culinary traditions. Destinations include St. Thomas, Harlem, Ghana, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and more! Get your passport ready because you never know where these two are going next. Tune into CLEO TV for the premiere of LENS OF CULTURE on Saturday, September 21 at 12p.m. ET/11C.