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Get the money - 11oz White Mug


This 11oz mug is made of brilliant white ceramic material with AAA+ ORCA coating, making them excellent for printing vibrant colors. They are easy to clean, microwave-safe, and the orca coating mugs can withstand up to 3000 cycles in the dishwasher. You can customize this 11oz Mug with your designs to make the next coffee or tea moment even more enjoyable.

.: White ceramic
.: 11 oz (0.33 l)
.: C-handle
.: AAA+ ORCA coating


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Interview Details & Links

Dearest public relations representative, show participant and show guests, We have the truth serum. Uncensored dialogue with trailblazers, game-changers, disruptors and tastemakers will be a fantastic journey and unforgettable experience. Finally, it is our promise that viewers will walk away tabling their judgments, living life authentically, and celebrating originality.

See below the run of show format and details for your review in preparation for appearing on Coming Out of The Closet to Set the Record Straight hosted by Patrick T. Cooper. The Ultimate Double Entendre! This broadcast is an attempt to help mankind reach their fullest potential through genuine in-depth communications reinforced with humor. We want to be a central source of encouragement. Let’s face it everyone doesn’t know love. Patrick attributes his successes to be a direct result of knowing unconditional love. The focus of the show is to examine our core curriculum specifically Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Financial Health and well-being. Furthermore, we will examine the topics required in surviving today’s world. We will focus on everything except Sex and
Politics (Well maybe a little sex! G-Rated of course)

  •  Show Introduction (2 mins.)
  •  Host Reaffirms subscribe and follow call to action (30 secs.)
  • Guest Arrives on Broadcast share what makes them an authority (1min.)
  •  Host and Guest Banter (2 mins.)
  • Host Reaffirms subscribe and follow call to action (30 secs.)
  • Patrick ask staple question (2 mins )
  • Host and Guest tackle pre-existing questions (5 mins.)
  • Host Reaffirms subscribe and follow call to action (30 secs.)
  • Host and Guest tackle pre-existing questions (5 mins.)
  • Questions and Answer with Guest from watchers (5 mins.)
  • Guest Wraps do your drop where to find you Instagram product links etc. (1min)
  • Host Wraps (what did you learn and stay tuned for next week’s guest etc. (3 mins.)
  • Host Reaffirms subscribe and follow call to action (30 secs.)
    Preliminary questions for broadcast ( used as a skeleton but want natural conversation)
    General Question
    1. What’s your definition of happy or happiness?
    2. How do you find peace of mind or what’s your way to calm yourself?
    3. What is the most exciting thing about your newest project?
    Specific Question for Your industry
    1. Why is the ______(mental health, veterans, design project) so important?

The views expressed on The Fashioneer are the opinion of the team, although occasionally we may have a guest writer. The writer’s bio will be at the bottom of the story and you should assume that those are the views of the guest writer only and not that of the team.

We review and select many products for multiple publications. Our criteria for review is the same no matter how we may have received the product. Only products which are vetted by our team will be chosen for The Fashioneer and for any other publication we write for. We  may use photographs of the product that may come directly from the company website, high resolution images you provide, or images provided by our team. These also may be used during our social media campaigns.

Please note that we will not review sample sized products. We will only review full sized products that a customer would purchase. A full-sized product is required to give an honest, detailed review. Sample sized products will be donated to charity.

If we are provided free products of minimal value (SWAG) at a conference, event or meetings that are being given to all attendees, such as bags, books, water bottles, small product samples, coupons, etc., we do not consider these items as compensation and will not necessarily disclose them when talking about a product.