Natasha Case, Founder of Coolhaus is getting scrappy and creative during Covid

Natasha Case, Founder of Coolhaus  is getting scrappy and creative to combat hungry souls during Covid in LA! . Recently announced the second version of the L.A. Bodega on Wheels pop-up now serving the West LA area with the addition of new partner The Rose Venice.
Somebody Wrote Us This,

I thought that you would be interested in covering this initiative as I hope it will be inspiring for other businesses to see an example of how to get scrappy and work together with others to keep as many business afloat as possible…..

Wellll Yeah!!!!!

We are all about creativity and entrepreneurship at The Fashioneer. Next LA visit guess we will stop at Coolhaus for a scoop of style!

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The second delivery-only pop-up will include prepared food, produce, and pantry staples from new partner The Rose Venice, plus booze and sweets from Coolhaus, Future Gin, and VERVET

The Details

The L.A. Bodega on Wheels is a temporary rolling bodega providing “isolation salvation” for Angelenos, powered by a collection of local restaurants and small businesses: The Rose VeniceCoolhausFuture Gin, and VERVET. Featuring an assortment of prepared food, produce, pantry staples, booze, and sweets from each of the partners, it’s their way of adapting to the realities of our new homebound normal in order to bring resources — and hopefully, a little fun — to the L.A. community. (Plus: it’ll help put some of their unemployed staffers back to work with tips in their pockets.) 10% of proceeds from all sales will be evenly divided and donated to charities including Opportunity Fund’s Small Business Relief Fund.

“The Bodega on Wheels is such an amazing partnership between business owners across hospitality segments (restaurant/bar/ice cream shop/spirit brand) who are rising to the challenge in these immensely challenging times to bring delicious, nourishing products to the community while raising money to give back to those in need.  I love that we are using our Coolhaus trucks for the awesome retailer on wheels partnership. We hope that we can bring a smile to Angelenos who need a reason to right now!” – Natasha Case CEO and Founder of Coolhaus

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Provisions will include the below:

  • DIY pasta kits, vegetable dishes, coffee, bread, and wine from The Rose Venice
  • Cookies, ice cream scoops, and ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus
  • Gin from Future Gin
  • Canned, craft cocktails from VERVET
  • Miscellaneous items such as masks and hand sanitizer

Clarence Avant is The Black Godfather on Netflix, Watch Now!

Clarence Avant is The Black Godfather on Netflix Photo Courtesy of Netflix
Clarence Avant is The Black Godfather on Netflix Photo Courtesy of Netflix
Clarence Avant is The Black Godfather on Netflix Photo Courtesy of Netflix

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Clarence Avant is The Black Godfather. Watch this inspiring  work of art and  and story.  It is very rare to see authentic and genuine content produced. This work is brilliant. Take the highly styled journey and celebrity filled story in the comfort of your own home. Clarence Avant conquered tons of obstacles, financial ruin, but still is fighting the good fight and creating magic in the world of entertainment. Clarence has a roster of accomplishments that are mesmerizing.

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If by chance you are on the entrepreneurial journey this documentary is fuel to continue. The rawness and the unapologetic spirit of Clarence Avant will supercharge you. In a sea of professionals that often want credit it is so refreshing to see a man manipulate the system in silence. Momma always said “Watch The Silent Ones.” Taking notes and focusing on the numbers is what all should take from this magnificent body of work. Influence and esteem has a new address. Netflix you have outdone yourselves in painting the story so vividly.

Be sure to watch and learn from the master himself. To see the work of an African American man shown in such a great light is inspiring. The work and accomplishments of the past are stepping stones for younger generations to leap in faith. Thank you for this memoir. Thank you Mr. Avant for blazing a trail and opening doors for  all artist . Your courage, wisdom, and unapologetic spirit are encouraging!

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Who is the Black Godfather?

Witness the exceptional and unlikely rise of Clarence Avant, a music executive who influenced legends such as Bill Withers, Snoop Dogg, Quincy Jones, Muhammad Ali, Hank Aaron, Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and so many more.