Our clients are the greatest testimonies! No case is the same for any client, which makes our work and deliverables unique and custom. We rage against cookie cutter design concepts. Building and designing marketing collateral that speak volumes about a company’s DNA is what we love to do and communicate with the world. Let us ignite your vision and fuel your brand. The Clients Challenge : To redefine the overall image of an iconic Atlanta nonprofit foundation to reflect and preserve the name of history of Alonzo F. Herndon. The service and solution for our client resulted in our agency building website and content design. Additionally, we executed a creative and social media strategy. See more details below:

  • Development of Herndon foundation brand refresh of web design and marketing collateral to support gala (funnel to keep patrons and sponsors engaged) 
  • Development of copy, communication of video production and video content for continually utilization across all media platforms for continued brand awareness  

  • Oversee development of video content to include preproduction, day of event and post production to insure brand messaging is fulfilled   

  • Oversee alignment of external vendors to execute creative vision 

  • Oversee alignment of local media personalities to support  creative vision  

  • Oversee alignment of strategic partnerships to reduce overhead of foundation cost

  • Create and drive traffic flow of Herndon Foundation gala brand identity across all online, print and social media platforms

See below some of marketing and brand assets below:



Live In Color, LLC- A Creative Services Agency!

Let us ignite your vision and fuel your brand. Led by designer & visionary Patrick T. Cooper we continually work to elevate brand design, identity, and messaging. From conception to fruition and collaboration we design stand out stories backed with strategy. Channeling clients through our current event style strategy readies them to be articulately disruptive.

We help clients maximize their presence in the global marketplace with cohesive story campaigns. Specializing in marketing and promotion of lifestyle, hospitality & entertainment industries is our sweet spot. However, we don’t operate in limitation so share your pain points and let us deliver a creative cocktail to shape your image!

Peppering the world with color is our passion!