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The clients are our best testimony! Live In Color, LLC- A creative services agency! Let us ignite your vision and fuel your brand. Led by the designer & visionary Patrick T Cooper we continually work to elevate brand design, identity, and messaging. From conception to collaboration we channel our clients through our current event style strategy to ready them to be articulately disruptive.

We help clients maximize their presence in the global marketplace with cohesive story campaigns. Specializing in marketing and promotion of lifestyle, hospitality & entertainment industries are our sweet spot but we don’t operate in limitation so share your pain points and let us deliver a creative cocktail to shape your image!

Peppering the world with color is our passion!


We take a current event-style approach in our creative direction, design, and consulting services. This means that we assess the current needs and challenges of our clients to swiftly implement innovative solutions that will give them an edge in the global market.

We have a strategic process that involves asking the right questions, such as who, what, when, where, why, and how. By doing so, we gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses and can create a unique and effective plan to differentiate them from their competitors.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve success by keeping up with the latest trends and industry developments. We believe that staying current and adaptive is key to long-term success in any market.


Our graphic design service creates visually compelling and effective designs that capture the essence of your brand and communicate your message to your target audience. We offer logo design, branding, packaging design, social media graphics, web design, and more. We collaborate closely with you to understand your brand’s personality, values, and target audience, and use the latest design tools to create high-quality, functional designs that achieve your marketing goals. Choose us for exceptional designs that help your brand stand out.

We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that we understand their business needs and goals, and offer a comprehensive suite of website design services including custom design, responsive design, user experience design, and search engine optimization (SEO). Let us help you create a website that not only looks great but also drives traffic and conversions for your business.

As a creative direction service provider, we guide and oversee the overall creative vision and aesthetic of a project or campaign. Our team of skilled creative directors collaborate with clients and creative teams to develop a clear and cohesive creative strategy, from identifying a project’s unique value proposition to generating innovative ideas and delivering polished end products.

We understand that creative direction is essential for businesses to create engaging and effective visual and written content that resonates with their target audience and sets them apart from their competitors. Through our collaborative approach, we help our clients achieve their desired outcomes, whether that be increased sales, brand loyalty, or awareness.

Overall, our creative direction service is designed to help businesses achieve a unique and engaging creative vision that leaves a lasting impression on their target audience. By working with us, businesses can benefit from our expertise in design principles, trends, and technology, and ensure that their projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest standards of quality.

Our social media management service helps businesses build a strong social media presence through personalized content creation, scheduling, community management, and analytics reporting. We work closely with you to understand your brand’s personality and voice and adjust our strategy to stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends. Choose us to elevate your social media game and increase brand awareness

Our team of experts has years of experience in creating strong and unique brand identities. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their business values and goals, and offer a comprehensive suite of services including brand strategy development and brand naming. Let us help you establish a brand identity that sets you apart from the competition and resonates with your target audience.

We offer a wide range of customizable promotional products that are tailored to your specific business needs. We offer solutions for corporate gifts, tradeshow giveaways, branded apparel, and office supplies. Let us help you create a suite of promotional products that will leave a lasting impression on your clients and attract attention to your business.

We offer a comprehensive suite of design services to create high-quality marketing collateral that aligns with your brand identity and helps you achieve your marketing goals. Our expert team offers solutions for brochure design and a wide range of other design services. Let us help you create effective marketing collateral that communicates with your target audience and promotes your brand.

Our copywriting and content creation service offers a range of services, including website copy, blog articles, product descriptions, and email marketing campaigns. We work collaboratively with you to understand your audience and goals, ensuring that all of our content is aligned with your brand’s messaging and optimized for SEO. Choose us for high-quality content that helps you stand out in your industry.


A quick glimpse of our clients.


CB STRAT is a technology and management consulting firm committed to delivering measurable results for our federal and commercial sector clients. We are a minority woman-owned small business (WOSB) and a certified participant in the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) business development program. Founded in 2014, CB STRAT is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with clients in multiple locations across the United States.


Founded in 1952, The Herndon Foundation is a private foundation based in Atlanta, Ga. Its mission is to advance the Herndon’s legacy through education, mentoring, and preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Herndon Foundation strives to increase diversity in the corporate board room and create a more equitable seat at the table for everyone.


Altobeli’s Restaurant & Piano Bar has been a staple in the John’s Creek neighborhood since 1988. At Altobeli’s, we’re all about bringing people together over great food, fun times, and live music. We love to see our guests come in with their friends, families, and colleagues for a meal that’s sure to leave them feeling satisfied and refreshed. This wonderful Italian eatery has something to offer everyone from the diverse wine list to the live music, offered 7 nights a week. 


Dr. Matthew J. Fien earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and his doctorate degree from Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery. He completed post-graduate training in the specialty of periodontology at Nova Southeastern University and is board-certified by the American Academy of Periodontology.


Please review the three pre-built project types we have identified below. If you have a budget already set you can see exactly how your budget will be encapsulated throughout one of our pre-built project schedules. 


For small businesses and entrepreneurs who have limited budgets and are looking to maximize their marketing efforts. The hours covered by this project type will allow our teams to hyper-drive the client’s marketing efforts while keeping initial and monthly costs low. 

$2,500 Initial Investment


For small businesses and entrepreneurs who have limited budgets and are looking to maximize their marketing efforts. The hours covered by this project type will allow our teams to hyper-drive the client’s marketing efforts while keeping initial and monthly costs low. 

$7,500 Initial Investment


For established companies who are looking to strengthen and or replace their current marketing efforts. The amount of hours covered by this project type gives our team the widest amount of resources to effectively onboard and launch a 360 media rollout on behalf of the client’s company.

$12,500 Initial Investment


For small businesses and entrepreneurs who have limited budgets and are looking to maximize their marketing efforts. The hours covered by this project type will allow our teams to hyper-drive the client’s marketing efforts while keeping initial and monthly costs low. 

Concierge creative services

Stress-Free Creative From Start To Finish | Our teams are set up to work in tandem with your current marketing efforts or replace them completely. We have helped companies start from scratch or improve their existing creative. Overall we are here to serve and maximize our client’s return on investment. 

Click Below to upload any relevant brand materials. This should include, but not limited to, Logos, photos, videos, copy or text documents, branding guidelines documents, color palettes, fonts, and any other relevant brand files &(or) media.

our process is easy


Choose A Pre-Built Project Scope

We have made the process of hiring us easy. We have identified 3 pre-set scopes of agency hours that allow our team to create a certain complexity of the project for you. 


Pay Initial Deposit

Pay 50% up front, 40% once we move into the development phase and the remaining 10% before the project launch. Once the project has been paid in full we hand over full creative rights to all the assets we have created. 


Get Onboarded into our project dashboard

Quick and easy access to a real-time updated project dashboard that will allow you to see project milestones, real-time task progress, review deliverables and more to keep you actionable and in the know of all the specifics of your project.


If you have any questions please feel free to email our sales team at LiveInColor@PatrickTCooper.com

Up to 45 days, however most of our projects are deployed completely, across different platforms, within a 30 day period. The project’s estimated completion date will be set and agreed upon at the onset of the project.

This is done to protect and encourage our ability to provide stellar creative and awesome results. The above price points are set in a manner that allows all facets o our creative teams to activate on your project. This also allows are clients the cognizance of not having to piece by piece adjust and review their project throughout the changes that come with time. Our cost are broken down into our the amount of agency hours we are projected to use throughout the duration of a type A, Type B, or Type C project.

No, it does not. At any time, you can request we invite a collaborator to be apart of our private collaboration area for your project. We encourage you to do this so that we can receive feedback from people who already work with your brand and understand it’s messaging.

Impediments are a normal part of the creative process. Our team does not hide from potential issues that may arise. We instead, through the process of review and client-facing approvals, dot our i’s and cross our t’s to say the least. We also provide an additional quality assurance period at the end of all our projects to provide our client’s room to work with their new branding & request revisions on any issues that are found.

Book our creative brainstorm
Need A Custom Quote?

Our creative brainstorming session is a valuable step that allows us to understand your brand and the unique circumstances within which we will collaborate with you. To begin this effort your initial investment will be $1,010. A One-time payment that will be applied to your Project Balance once we begin working with you.






To redefine the overall image of an iconic Atlanta nonprofit foundation to reflect and preserve the name of history of Alonzo Franklin Herndon.


  • Development of Herndon foundation brand refresh of web design and marketing collateral to support gala (funnel to keep patrons and sponsors engaged) 
  • Development of copy, communication of video production and video content for continually utilization across all media platforms for continued brand awareness  

  • Oversee development of video content to include preproduction, day of event and post production to insure brand messaging is fulfilled   

  • Oversee alignment of external vendors to execute creative vision 

  • Oversee alignment of local media personalities to support  creative vision  

  • Oversee alignment of strategic partnerships to reduce overhead of foundation cost  

  • Create and drive traffic flow of Herndon Foundation gala brand identity across all online, print, and social media platforms

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