The Reason Your LGBTQ Is Broken (And How to Fix It) with Sapphire Hart

LA-based entertainer Hailee Kaleem Wright, known professionally as Sapphire Hart, is a young new artist who is ready to take the music industry by storm with her raw, soulful sound. As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Hart is incredibly open about her history. At one point she was living in NYC homeless shelters but was able to come out of that experience and follow her passion for performing. She has had a diverse musical background, performing across Asia and even traveling the US to perform in a multitude of Broadway shows, sharing the stage with industry titans including Davone Tines. Hart has even been featured on MTV’s True Life.

Inspired by the intoxicating highs and plummeting lows of love, Los Angeles-based trapsoul artist Hailee Kaleem Wright aka Sapphire Hart is set to release her emotional music video for her single “Toxic Love Story” on Friday, December 4, 2020. Directed By Paul Gratland and Sidney Dupont, the black and white video depicts Hart, reflecting on a relationship fraught with infidelity issues and holding accountability for the decisions made. “Toxic Love Story”, the second single released from Hart this year, is available on all streaming platforms.

Influenced by a broad spectrum of musical genres, Houston-born and LA-based Wright has performed and written songs since adolescence. Prior to the global shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, the multifaceted entertainer could be seen performing in multiple Broadway shows alongside stage legends Moises Kaufman, Bill T Jones and Davone Tines, to name a few. Refusing to let the pandemic disrupt her course, Hart took the time to reignite her first love, singing and songwriting.

Be sure to watch Sapphire Hart’s new music video for her new single “Toxic Love Story”, out December 4th! Also stream “Toxic Love Story”, available now on all platforms. Follow Sapphire Hart on social media for upcoming performances and musical exclusives.


About Sapphire Hart

As a multi-faceted artist, Sapphire Hart brings an enviable and rare concoction of singing, songwriting and dancing from her time as a professional musical theatre performer and being signed to a record deal as a teenager. Dripping with positive and energetic vibes, Sapphire’s style of performance mirrors that of a musical chameleon, perfectly blending doses of pop and R&B.

Sapphire’s drive to create a pathway promoting self worth and empathy via music continues to fuel the fire of her determination. Hoping to serve as a positive representation especially to people of color and those who identify as queer, Hart uses her songwriting capability as a way to speak to a universal audience. Creating relatable songs and lyrics from her real life struggles, Sapphire thrives to be the voice for others, in a celebration of all the good and bad that life entails.