The Ultimate Holiday Gift is Christmas In Croatia

This year has been anything but ordinary. Extraordinary would even be an understatement. Most who dare to read this article are grappling with the thought of where my first travel destination will be post pandemic? Well, forget pulling out all of those dusty ornaments and slaving in the kitchen to prepare the family meal. Croatia is calling you to blend your love of travel with holiday traditions to make your holiday season most memorable. Croatia offers a unique old world feel with a hip awareness that locals will eagerly share illustrating the countries fair and flare. The gift of travel is evergreen and never antiquated. Giving your family the gift of lifetime of memories and well beyond the impact of material good. This past year should be your throttle boost to knock off the destinations of the world that you have always hungered to see. Christmas in Croatia is not just a catchy title but a rhythmic vibe that will have you singing in the city streets. The aha moment is forthcoming once you penetrate the city cafes at the center of Zagreb. Beyond the city’s annual Festival of Lights is a community that is welcoming, warm and genuine excited to educate you on the rich culture of this region of the world. While travel has been practically extinct this year this story gives you ample time for planning to experience The Ultimate Holiday Gift Christmas in Croatia.


The Bucket List

Positioned on the Adriatic Sea Croatia is a country at the intersection of Central and Southeast Europe. The Croatian economy is dominated by the services and industrial sectors and agriculture. Tourism is paramount source of revenue, ranking Croatia among the 20 most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country measures 21,851 square miles and a population of 4.07 million, most of whom are Catholics. Zagreb, Croatia’s northwestern capital is riddled with distinguished 18th and 19th- century Austro-Hungarian architecture contributing to your eye dancing as you wonder about the city. Most infatuated that arrived I of course had to make my first stops 13th-century St. Mark’s Church and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. From the colored roof top of the church to the edifice of the cathedral I hasten to mark three destinations off of my travel bucket list.

At this point, I have piqued your curiosity, similar to an anxious adolescent the the night before Christmas. Never fear, I will be the calming hand to give you a Croatia travel cheat sheet. I have lite the path now continue reading and start preparing to soar into the unknown and craft memories to enhance your personal journey.

Lights in Zagreb

By day Zagreb’s main square is perfect for people watching. A brief stop in Dolac’s open air market we intensify your cultural submersion. Prepare to indulge in the ultimate Christmas experience by evening. The city literally lights up. The splendid display of the holiday spirit is like no other in the world. Advent on European Square, Advent on Zrinjevac, Ice park, and Advent in Tunnel are all close in proximity and offer an array of souvenirs, decorations, food and beverages to heighten the beginning of your fairy-tale experience in Croatia.

Truffle Hunt in Istria

Everyone loves a treasure hunt and a day trip to Istria fetching some of the world’s most renowned mushrooms is quite an adventure. However, prior to exiting for the field fuel up with your personalized truffle cooking class at Karlić Tatufi. Opting for the scrambled truffle eggs and variety of truffle infused pastries is the perfect fuel to start the day. Excitement ensues watching the eagerness of canine energy to hunt the delicacy of the Croatian culture. The benefits of eating, education and exposure culminate in creating a magical endeavor.

Rest in Rovinj

From the sleek curbside appeal the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is perhaps one of the sexiest hotels that I have visited, Modern yet minimalist furnishing and features make this property award winning. Beyond the architecture you prepared to be rewarded with elegantly appointed seafront views overlooking St. Katarina Island and old town of Rovinj. Completed in 2019 this hotel represents a collaboration with Milan studio Lissoni Architecture by Piero Lissoni. From its beaches, pool, dining and spa the grand park Hotel Rovinj is an unforgettable design experience.

Chocolate in Opatija

A chocolate Santa Claus is such a sweet treat. Literally one of Opatija’s sweetest event which happens the first weekend of December is when you should be ready to taste some of the world’s best chocolatiers. Everywhere the eye could wander you shall see whit, milk and dark chocolate creations that elevate from edibles to works of art.

By all means secure your global selfie stamp by posing with famous individuals like Gustav Mahler and Isadore Duncan of Opatija at the Open Air Theatre at the Park Angiolina.

Castles in Rijeka

Korzo is the main promenade in Rijeka. It is focal point to capture the hustle of the city and a quick coffee in a multitude of cafes. At nightfall, it is the climb to the Trsat Fortress that will illuminate your love for Rijeka, Croatia. Never before have I seen such a delicate display of holiday savoir faire. From carriages to castles dripping in bright light your sense of preparing to spend your upcoming holiday in this historical winter wonderland worth planning an entire year in advance.