Breonna Taylor: Why no charges, arrest, or justice? Ask yourself do black lives matter? What you can do is sign the petition. Today marks 5 months since Breonna Taylor was murdered by Louisville police officers.Today marks 5 months since Breonna Taylor was murdered by Louisville police officers. Over 150 days, and still no charges, arrests, or justice for Breonna Taylor.

It’s time to amp up the pressure.

Starting today and continuing for two weeks, more than 500 television and radio ads will run in the state of Kentucky. These ads feature the voices of the nearly 11 million people who have signed the petition started by student Loralei HoJay demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, and directly urging decision-makers like Kentucky’s Attorney General to act now.



More than 500 people shared videos with us talking about what justice for Breonna Taylor looks like to them. These videos have been patched together into a more than 5 hours-long stream of people demanding accountability for Breonna Taylor’s death, and calling out Kentucky lawmakers to act.

“And the reason I would like to see justice for Breonna Taylor is because I’m the father of two teenage daughters, and I would like to know that they’re going to be able to grow up in a world and be safe in their homes even long after I’m gone,” says one signer.

“I signed the petition because that could have easily been me,” says another signer.

“We share the same birthday, to the exact day, and now she’s no longer here,” says a third signer.

These are just a snapshot of the heartfelt stories people are sharing about why they’re taking action to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.

Today in a news conference in Louisville, Breonna Taylor’s mother Tamika Palmer thanked everyone who keeps saying the name of her daughter. Speaking of her daughter’s murder, she said: “There definitely shouldn’t be another Breonna Taylor anywhere.”

Breonna Taylor was an EMT. A daughter. A partner. A friend. She had dreams that so many of us have: to build a life, to fall in love, to make a difference in the world. All of those dreams were taken from her on March 13, 2020.

We cannot wait another month to get justice. 11 million petition signers and more than 55,000 phone calls to Kentucky lawmakers are putting pressure on decision-makers to act. Your action now will keep this movement growing.

Say her name. Keep speaking up. Supporters aren’t going to rest until those responsible are held accountable for the death of Breonna Taylor.